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Sahra Group is a company with a long-standing presence in Libya, operating for almost 40 years. The group is engaged in various commercial activities across Africa. Recently, Sahra Group established Sahra Company for Architectural and Engineering Services, which operates with an official headquarters and organizational structure in Libya.

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Conducting preliminary analyses

Collecting documents and basic information and evaluating the project’s capabilities.

Review and analyze all data

Check  all collected data and compare with the source documents Consider the positive and negative aspects of the project.

Business planning and organization

Developing the necessary plans and knowledge to complete the project, studying the feasibility of implementing the project according to operational capacity and available resources.

We seek to expand our products and develop our services to develop the capabilities of the client and the target sector. To be an ideal company that respects the expectations of the society in which we live and protects the environment and natural resources.


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